"Lo Lo and Clark, Lo Lo and Superman, Lo Lo and the Football team. WHATEVER LO LO WANTS, LO LO GETS! WELL NOT FOR LONG!"
—Annette expressing her hatred of Lois

Annette Westman was a villain in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

She was a bitter woman who wanted revenge on everyone who mistreated her in high school, one them being Lois Lane.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Anne Smith.


Annette was a student at Metropolis High School, but she was often ignored and unpopular with the other students.

She had a crush on Joe Malloy one of the Metropolis Lion Football Quarterbacks and went to everyone of his games, but he never noticed her. Julie the head cheerleader always teased Annette about her weight, braces and way of talking. She also disliked her fellow student Peggy because she always got all the attention, boys and valentines making her feel left out.

She even ran for Class President, but lost to the popular Lois. Years later she established her own cosmetics company and came up with a scheme of revenge for her mistreatment.

She stole some research notes from scientist Dr. Graham about a secret formula that shrank people and objects into miniatures. She created the formula into a harmless looking Shampoo and had her henchman Hans to deliver it to the houses of Joe and Peggy.

As a result both Joe's wife Debbie and Peggy's husband Dick shrunk down to miniature size. Hans then put them in sack and brought them back to Annette who imprisoned them in a Lego made dollhouse with pencils tied on as bars and made them dress up in ridiculous outfits from the dollhouse wardrobe. Both Joe and Debbie were upset at losing their loved ones and Annette rang up to give them support but was in truth, enjoying seeing them suffer.

Season 3

Sometime later Annette hosted a Metropolis High School reunion and invited all the students from her class to attend