Dead Lois Walking is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the final part of a two-part story of the framing of Lois Lane.


Will Lois get the chair? Not with Superman around! One prison break later, Lois and Clark hunt for the real killer.

Plot Summary

Lois is in prison on a charge of murder and Superman helps her break out to save her from the death penalty and to help her prove that she is innocent.

Lois and Clark go through a list of names of people who have had a grudge against Lois and at the same time have the skills to make a holograph device.

Meanwhile, Jefferson Cole kills Sheila Danko who took the recording of the murder after she feels guilty of helping in Lois's death sentence and has a change of heart. He then uses a holograph of Superman to trick Dr. Klein into giving him hybrid Kryptonite which he will use to destroy the world and discredit them as he too blames them for his arrest.

Lois and Clark found out DA Clemmons was working with Cole the whole time and stole the bullet that killed Elroy Sykes. Lois figures out, if the bullet is still around the DA must have it on him. Luckily for Clark, he managed to get the bullet away from the DA in time. He then goes as Superman to Dr Klein to analyse the bullet and clear Lois.

Cole has used the hybrid Kryptonite to make a cloud that pelts down Krytonite rain which is harmless to the Man of Steel, but dangerous to humans. He also kidnaps Lois and prepares to kill her himself.

Superman stops the rain and stops Cole who is then arrested along with his assistant Wolcott. With the evidence of the stolen bullet that killed Sykes, Lois is cleared of the charge, Cole is back in prison and Clemmons is removed from his office as DA.

Lois and Clark finally get to relax on their first day in their new home as husband and wife.

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