Ghosts is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman


A haunting we will go. A plus sized ghost decides she'll take Lois' body and Lois' husband too.

Plot Summary

A real estate agent named Herbie Saxe, a con artist and criminal wants to buy houses on Lois and Clark's block and make a profit on behalf of mobster Mink Mahoney.

He continuously scares the residents out of their homes by tricking them into believing their houses are haunted

In his attempt to make Lois and Clark's house look haunted, he accidentally frees the spirit of a previous owner named Katie Banks who was murdered ten years ago and trapped in the walls. He makes her scare Lois and Clark into leaving in exchange for finding who killed her so she can pass to the other side.

Katie possesses Lois and when she leaves Lois' body, Lois can "see" her pain and that she was murdered. While Lois and Clark try to find out who the murderer is, Katie realises that Herbie is using her to steal their house and, working on her own now, she wants to take over Lois' life and live with Clark.

Clark solves the mystery of the murder and goes back to house as Superman to see that Katie has already taken over Lois' life.

He has Herbie bring her murderer to Katie so she can finally find out the truth. The murderer turned out to be a woman named Lilah Monroe who she gave cooking lessons to. She was having an affair with her mobster husband and murdered Katie in the kitchen.

Now that the murderer has been found, Katie can pass to the other side and be free. Herbie and Lilah and then jailed.

Guest Cast

Guest starring

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