"When will you ever learn, I always get my way!"
—Lex Luthor

Alexander "Lex" Luthor, Sr. is the arch-nemesis of Superman and the main villain in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

On the outside Lex seemed to be legitimate businessman but on the inside he was a evil power seizing tycoon and later on became a dangerous psychopathic criminal.

His two main goals were always to claim Lois Lane for his own and kill his hated rival.

He was portrayed by John Shea.


Little is known about Lex's past except that he was born in a wealthy family and his parents died when he was seven years old. Years later he eventually established Lex Corp, a vast empire consisting of transportation, broadcasting, industrial and other sources. He oversaw all this from his enormous Lex Corp tower, the tallest building in Metropolis.

Lex and Arianna on their Wedding Day

A picture of Lex and Arianna on their Wedding Day

In the years that followed, he married Arianna Carlin on October 4, 1984, but they spilt up a few years later with his ex-wife still loving Lex who would later go to great lengths to avenge him.

He also had several lovers, two of which gave him two illegitimate sons Lex Luthor, Jr. and Jaxon Xavier.

Lex saw Jr. as a bitter disappointment because of his disfigured appearance and after his mother in Hong Kong died in childbirth, Lex left Jr. to be raised alone in the shadows in Australia behind closed doors with no sunlight or human contact and only visited him once. But he later left him a recorded message that Jr. would soon be able to use to his advantage.

Jaxon eventually grew up and became a scientist at Lex Corp, one of Lex's scientific corporations. Jaxon's mother had died in a car accident, but Jaxon survived. Lex however, never told anyone he was his son, never showed him any love or affection and told people that he was dead as he saw Jaxon as a mistake.

Lex became one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Metropolis, but all that was about to change with the arrival of Superman.

Season 1

Lex was now the third richest man in the world and in his opinion had the whole world wrapped around his finger. But when Superman arrived and foiled his first scheme involving illegal doings during a space programme, the Man of Steel confronted him and told him that he disliked his disregard for the law and getting what he wanted at the expense of others. He vowed justice would be served and that Lex would eventually have his mighty kingdom crumble and serve time behind bars like any ordinary criminal. Lex scoffed at this threat, but told Superman: "Let the Games Begin." (Pilot)

Lex along with his personal assistant Nigel began to test Superman's powers and weaknesses at the expense of innocent lives, which eventually drove the Man of Steel to confront him and angrily tell him to stop these tests, but Lex told him that as long as he was in Metropolis innocent people would die and asked him if he was willing to hold that responsibility. Superman eventually proved to Lex that he was willing and after this experience Lex knew that he would eventually win against his adversary because he saw Superman's morals and feelings towards humanity to be his ultimate undoing. (Neverending Battle)

Lex Luthor 4

Lex in his office at Lex Corp

His many schemes after this were mostly for his own personal gain, outwitting Superman and turning the public against him.

Once, he nearly succeed when a heat wave caused by his own nuclear power plant made the people of Metropolis blame Superman and forced him to leave the city. Lex saw this as his ultimate victory, but Superman eventually discovered what he was up to and stopped his plant resulting in him having to pay for the damages he had caused to the city. (The Man of Steel Bars)

After dating Lois Lane, Lex fell in love with her and saw Superman as a rival for Lois' affections as she was smitten with the Man of Steel and even kissed him in front of him after thinking he was under the influence of pheromones from a scheme that one of his ex-lovers Miranda had thought up. (Pheromone, My Lovely)

After hiring a young boy named Jack to ransack Clark Kent's apartment, Lex got hold of a globe resembling Superman's home planet Krypton that played holograms and messages of the Man of Steel's past. Although Superman got it back before Lex had finished learning from it, he had learned that Superman had come to Earth as an infant and raised as an Earthling, making him even more confident of defeating the Man of Steel if he ever learned who he really was. (Foundling)

Later he stole a lock of hair Superman had donated to charity to make a clone of the Man of Steel that he himself could control, but it all failed when the clone realised he was just a puppet to follow Lex's bidding and turned against him. The clone took back the lock of hair and gave it to Superman to destroy as well as himself so no one else would create a clone of him again. (Vatman)

Lex finally proposed to Lois while they were on a jet. Lois gently told him that they have only been together for a few weeks and there was the Daily Planet and her friends to think about. Lex then decided to drive Lois away from her old routine. First he bought the Daily Planet and then set up an explosion to blow it up whilst framing young assistant Jack who had taken a dislike to him. He also found a large chunk of green Kryptonite that he could use to finally destroy Superman. Though he was now unpopular with the staff at the now destroyed Daily Planet, Lois still thought of him as a genuine person and accepted her now job as a news announcer for LNN (Luthor News Network) and eventually accepted Lex's proposal. They then began making plans for their wedding. (Barbarians at the Planet)

Lex now starts plotting with his new personal assistant Mrs. Cox (why Nigel left his employ has never been mentioned) on how they will finally prize Lois away from her old routine and he will have the wife he has always wanted. He then asks her to send a message to Clark Kent to contact Superman (Lex is unaware of Clark and Superman being one of the same) and tell him to meet him to discuss about Lois.

Superman arrives in the wine cellar and Lex asks him to persuade Clark to attend Lois and his wedding with the Man of Steel being a guest as well. But Superman knowing about the terrible things Lex has done refuses, so Lex traps Superman in a cage laid with Kryptonite bars and leaves him there to die. While he prepares for the wedding, he comes down to the wine cellar to mock his enemy one last time. He tortures him by placing a white curtain cord on his neck and leaves him while carelessly leaving the cage key on the one of the casks of wine while singing how much he is going to enjoy being Lois' husband.

Eventually Lex is standing at the altar smiling and admiring how beautiful Lois looks. When she finally reaches the aisle, they start to exchange vows, but Lois has a change of heart and tells an astonished Lex that she can't marry him after all. Suddenly the doors fly open and Daily Planet editor in chief Perry White along with employees Jimmy Olsen and Jack who had now been cleared came in followed by the police. They had gathered enough evidence to put Lex away for a long time. Inspector Henderson held out a warrant for arson and other crimes that were too numerous to mention. After seeing Mrs. Cox arrested too, Lex refused to go quietly and fought his way through the police and prepared to make his escape. He went back down to the wine cellar to quickly kill the Man of Steel before leaving, but to his horror and rage, Superman had escaped, having used the curtain cord to get the key and free himself so Lex took off once again, unaware that his enemy was amongst the casks of wine recovering.

Lex 2

Lex commiting suicide

Lex finally reached his office on the top floor of his tower, Henderson and the police were closing in on him, but Lex still refused to give up. He went to his balcony and climbed on top vowing that he would never live in a cage. He then threw himself off it to the street below, committing suicide.

Superman who was now dressed as Clark Kent watched Lex falling, but couldn't save him as he was too weak from the Kryptonite exposure so Lex landed hard on the street below.

Afterwards his corpse was stolen from the police morgue, but the Daily Planet was repossessed and rebuilt. (The House of Luthor)

Season 2

Gretchen with Luthor's frozen corpse

Lex's frozen corpse cared for by Gretchen Kelly

Lex's corpse was stolen by Arianna (his ex-wife) and his former physician Gretchen Kelly and hoped to bring him back from the dead. Arianna vowed to avenge her ex-husband's death and blamed Lois and Superman for it; Superman for not saving him and Lois for "driving him to his death" after refusing him at the altar. She created a double of Lois to discredit her and tried to kill Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. However she failed and was sent to prison along with the double. Gretchen was left behind to look after Lex's body and said that even though Arianna failed, he would always have her. (Madame Ex)

In an attempt to get Superman's powers for herself, Gretchen was in a serious battle with the Man of Steel and a new hero called Resplendent Man resulting in serious damage done to the equipment keeping Lex's frozen corpse alive. Afterwards Gretchen in disguise, transferred the corpse somewhere else under the sewers of Metropolis. (A Bolt from the Blue)

Lex Luthor Revived

Lex revived

After several days, Gretchen contacted Lex's former P.A Nigel St.John to witness her trying to bring Lex back from the dead. When it seemed as if Lex would never make it after the damage done to the equipment, she finally succeeded when Lex suddenly came back to life, smashing his way out of his frozen chamber much to the amazement of Gretchen and Nigel.

After being treated by Gretchen and given clothes, Lex checked his bank accounts to see if he still had his fortune, but to his dismay found that his former attorney Sheldon Bender had stolen his entire fortune and as a temporary side effect of his resurrection, he was losing his hair, so he arranged for Gretchen to shave it off, making him bald. He decided to gain what he had lost before his death, rekindle his relationship with Lois Lane and destroy Superman.

He arranged for Nigel and Gretchen to kidnap Bender and bring him to him, which they succeeded in doing. Lex then tortured Bender out of vengeance, threatening to feed him to the rats if he didn't give the information he wanted. Sheldon tried to bargain with Lex by saying he knew someone who owned Kryptonite. Lex accepted his proposition, but threatened to kill him if he double-crossed him.

In the disguise of an old man, Lex met Lois once again and feel in love with her again, making him even more determined to get her back, by force if necessary.

Bald Lex Luthor

A bald Lex Luthor visiting Rollie Vale

Later Lex, Nigel and Bender visited Metropolis Prison to see Rollie Vale (whose brother Emmet had stolen the Kryptonite from Lex Labs to power his cyborg in Metallo), Rollie agreed to give Lex the Kryptonite in exchange for a half a million dollars and his freedom. Lex then decide to create a diversion to get the equipment they needed to break Vale out and in the disguise of a janitor, wired a bomb to Perry White's chair at the Daily Planet. While the Man of Steel was saving Perry, Lex successfully gained the equipment.

Lex met Lois once again in his old man disguise and revealed himself to the astounded reporter. He told Lois that he had never stopped loving her and now that he was alive again that they should give their relationship another chance, but Lois refused, however she showed him some mercy by not turning him in to the police.

Lex then had Bender arrange for Vale to be moved to the courthouse for another hearing and returned him to his home, but then arranged for Nigel to kill him after he found out that Lois and Clark were investigating and that he may of turned him in.

In a van, Lex and Nigel set off to break Vale out of the prison van and arranged for Gretchen to capture Lois and bring her to him. They succeeded in breaking Vale out and took him back to their sewer hideout, while Gretchen captured Lois who had been hanging around there. When they arrived, Vale gave Lex the Kryptonite that had been concealed in his robotic right arm (Corben had crushed his real arm after he had tried to dislodge his power supply). Lex decided to lure Superman to him so he could be killed and gave the Kryptonite to Nigel for safe keeping.

He attempted to double-cross Vale, but to his astonishment, Nigel double-crossed him revealing himself to be a spy for the new criminal organisation Intergang. In anger, Lex threw Vale at Nigel who shot a crossbow bolt at him and knocked out Vale before escaping with the Kryptonite and his partner Ramine.

Gretchen attended to the wounded Lex who painfully pulled out the bolt, but when Lois tried to intervene, she pushed her into the rat pit. Lex tried to save the reporter, but Gretchen pulled him away, saying that she was the one who really loved him because she had sacrificed everything to bring him back to life. Lex got frustrated and pushed Gretchen away, knocking her into a high voltage generator, killing her.

Lex Luthor Suicide foil

Lex being captured by Superman after his second suicide attempt fails

Superman suddenly arrived and saved Lois much to Lex's dismay. He told Superman that even though he had failed to kill him again, the Man of Steel would not capture him alive. He ran to the generator to commit suicide again, but Superman short-circuited the wires so Lex wouldn't "cheat justice twice". After finally finding out that Lois had never really loved him, Lex with a heavy heart, was captured by his arch-enemy, arrested and sent to prison to serve a double life sentence for his crimes. (The Phoenix)

Season 3

Lex on the News

Lex on a news broadcast of his escape.

While spending time in prison Lex eventually found out that Nigel had later been murdered by someone else he was working with named Jason Mayzik after he had attempted to betray him in the same way. He also found out about Clark's proposal to Lois and was filled with anger and hatred as he saw Clark as someone who was taking Lois away from him. He started sending threatening gifts to Lois stating that if she married Clark, she would regret it.

He arranged for a scientist named Dr. Mamba to create a clone of the President to grant him a pardon and also a clone of Lois so she would switch places with the real Lois before Lois and Clark's wedding. Even though the clone President was revealed to be an imposter and Dr. Mamba was arrested, Lex was now free and the prison officials found out too late that they had been deceived. A massive search was made, but no one knew Lex's whereabouts. (I Now Pronounce You...)

Lex, now a fugitive had to act quickly. He suceeded in switching Lois with the clone and in the disguise of an usherer, kidnapped the real Lois while the clone and Clark gave their vows. He took her to a hideout underneath an old shrine and revealed himself to the astonished reporter.

Lex told Lois that even though she had told him that she never really loved him, he thought that somewhere in her heart she still had feelings for him and soon they would be far away in a windowless fortress in the alps where Superman would never be able to find them. He also threatened to inject her with a serum that would paralyse her vocal chords if she tried calling to Superman to help. Lois was disgusted with Lex for doing such a cruel thing and spat back in his face after he tried to kiss her.

The clone of Lois suddenly appeared and was worried that she may make other mistakes that may make Clark suspicious, due not knowing where the teacups were in Clark's apartment. Lex was furious with her for deserting her post and told her that she would continue her job so Clark wouldn't suspect anything untill he and Lois were out of the country and he still needed her to find information about Superman so he could destroy his arch-enemy once and for all. After threatening to kill her right there and then, the clone left.

Lex watched as Lois cried and assured her that he would make her more happier than Clark. He later made her wear a suit that he had picked out for her and revealed that he would start a new empire based on pure evil for the sole happiness of them which disgusted Lois even more.

Later they are in a limosine and after hearing more of Lex's cruel intentions, starts screaming for Superman's help. Lex made good on his threat and paralyzed her throat with a syringe. Lois then makes her way out of the limosine, trying to find Clark, but gets hit by a car and loses consciousness. Lex meanwhile continues to search for his lost love and confronts the clone of her whereabouts. But the clone betrays Lex by deciding that she wants Clark for herself and kill the real Lois to eliminate the competition. She then shoots Lex in the chest before making her escape.


Lex meeting an angry Clark at his apartment.

Lex then goes to Clark's apartment, knowing that he was the only person who had the same love for her as himself. When Lex enters, Clark shoves him roughly against the refridgerator, vowing to literally kill him for all the trouble he caused. Lex tells Clark about the clone threatening to kill the real Lois and shows him the gunshot wound. Clark immediately picks up the phone calling the police to take Lex back to prison, but Lex assures him that he will never get Lois back without his help. Clark hesistates, but eventually hangs up the phone, although he vows if anything had happened to her, Lex would pay.

Later after a discussion of how much they both love Lois Lane, Lex holds out his hand and asks Clark to once again find Lois. Clark is about to reluctantly accept when there is a knock at the door and Jimmy comes in. Lex hides in the bedroom and overhears him talking to Clark about a novel that Lois had written about a girl named Wanda Detroit who had problems with two men named Clark and Kent. She was also a singer at a night club which is the ideal place where Lois would be. Lex decides to double-cross Clark and slips out while Jimmy is giving Clark the information. He finds her at the club before Clark and tricks Lois who believes she is the title character from her novel that Clark is the character of Clark and he is the character of Kent.

Lex then tells Lois that Clark is no good for her and tricks her into saying that she doesn't love or want to see him again, much to Clark's astonishment. Lex watches with a sadistic smile as Clark is forced to throw in the towel, but he is grabbed roughly by the collar by Clark who vows to get Lois back, even if he had to go right through him if necessary. Lex shakes off this threat, gets into his car and drives away with Lois, leaving Clark behind with the clone. (Double Jeopardy)

Afterwards Lex hid out underneath a subway station and came up with a plan to get rid of Clark and Superman once and for all.

Lex and Superman confrontation

Lex telling Superman that people will die if he tries to take Lois away from him.

He contacted Superman on an ultra frequency that only the Man of Steel could hear and told him to meet at the corner of Kirby and Stireco. As soon as Superman appeared, he headed straight for Lex, determined to arrest him there and then. Lex held out a detonator saying that he had fifteen explosives wired to office buildings, museums, coffee hangouts and other areas in Metropolis, saying he would detonate them if Superman tried to take Lois away from him. His arch-enemy is disgusted by Lex's sick behaviour, but Lex tells him that he could never understand an ordinary man's heart and the lengths it would drive them to for the love of a woman.

To make his point, he detonates a bomb at a nearby abandoned building and while Superman is trying to stop it, thinking there are people inside, Lex tries to capture the clone while she was being transferred back to Metropolis from the LIA laboratory in Washington, but failed.

Lex meanwhile continues his charade of making Lois think she is someone else and that Clark is evil. Later night together they break into Star Labs and steal two clone samples which they take back to Lex's hideout. He modifies the samples to make cloned bodies with blonde hair for himself and Lois, so they could start their brand new lives together and be truly hidden away from Superman as he may see through walls but not read minds. Lex then calls on his old friend Asabi to transfer their souls to their new bodies, but at the same time to read Lois' mind. Lois is at first refuses, but Lex tells her that they would never have a proper future together and it be would in his words; running, hiding, being caught, being caged and dying alone, so she reluctantly agrees.

Lex consults Asabi who says that he senses a great love in her mind and heart for Clark Kent annd longs for him in her dreams. Lex desperately asks Asabi how he can destroy this love forever and he tells him that she must kill this man with her own hands and her own freewill and then she would only have feelings for Lex.

Later his contact Phillip at the Metropolis bank informs him that Clark and the Lois Clone are making a withdrawal as only Lois or Lex could withdraw his money by the sensory identity machine. Lex then decides to put Phase 2 into action. He drives to the bank and sets off a flash bomb that blinds everyone in the room except Clark (but he still pretends to be blinded so as not to give away his true identity).

Clark grabs Lex by the collar, but Lex shouts out a message to his alterego Superman that another building would explode in fifteen seconds and the real Lois in trapped in there. Sure enough Clark superhearing can hear Lois calling for help and the sound of a bomb ticking, so he leaves especially when Lex says that more buildings will explode if he isn't back at his detonator in three minutes.

However Lex used this as a ruse to get them both out of the way so he could take the Lois clone away and steal the money she had just withdrawn. He sends a mocking ultra frequency message to pass onto Clark to the Man of Steel who found out that he had been set up, saying that he loves Lois too much and he would never give her up.

Under the subway, Lex, still angry at the clone for betraying him, tells her that she was a B Class clone with a lifespan of only two weeks and doesn't have long to live. In a panic, the clone tells him that Clark Kent is Superman in exchange for her lifespan being reversed. Lex is surprised, shocked and grateful by this information, but he tells her that there is no reversing her lifespan and she only had two days left to live. Picking up the briefcase with the money, he goes off, leaving the poor clone upset and alone.

Later in a murky alley covered in rubbish, Lex makes a deal with a secret government agent and buys a very powerful weapon called the A-Tech Quantum Disrupter, a weapon so powerful that it could even kill Superman.

Back at his hideout, the final modifications to the cloned bodies are almost complete and after Asabi tells him that her hidden love for Clark is getting stronger, Lex replies that he is going to use the disrupter to lure Clark here and Lois herself would kill him, destroying that love forever.

Lex A Tech Quantum Disrupter

Lex using his new deadly weapon against Clark.

He goes to Clark's apartment and fires the weapon at Clark, much to the clone's horror who had just told him that Lex knew who he really was. The blast is so powerful that it knocks his arch-enemy against the wall and tears through his shirt to reveal the S logo.

Clark's parents Jonathan and Martha Kent appear and Lex points the disrupter at them, threatening to do the same to them if they moved.

Lex with a snarl, tells Clark that he knows who he really is and would let every criminal in the world have this information as well as the design for the disrupter, his parents' address, so he could spend the rest of his life begging for mercy or hiding. Sensing Superman's strength was returning, he takes Martha hostage and knocks down Jonathan before making his escape.

Unknown to Lex, Clark sends the Lois clone to follow him at a safe distance and phone him when she finds out where his hideout is. Lex ties Martha up in another room then precedes with the next part of his plan to kill his arch-enemy once and for all. He messes up his hair and tears his shirt, once again lying to the real Lois about what happened. He shows her the disrupter and tells her that she must kill him.

The modifications to the cloned bodies are complete and Lex and Lois get ready with Asabi to transfer their souls to them. Superman suddenly appears and lifts Lex up by the collar, demanding to know where his mother is being held. Lex tells Lois to shoot him, making Superman release him. Lois fires, but the blast hits a pillar causing the ceiling to collapse. Superman tries to hold the ceiling up and Lex demands again for Lois to shoot him, but finds that she can't. Lex gets angry and not caring that the whole building would collapse, takes the disrupter and fires at Superman once again. Lois is horrified as she watches the effect the weapon has on the Man of Steel and tries to stop Lex from finishing him off.

Lex angrily shoved her to one side, telling her never to stand in the way of him and what he wants. He tries to fire again, but at the same moment, the Lois clone appeared and wrestled with him. They are both caught in the blast of the weapon which severely damages their bodies. The clone dies after telling Superman where his mother is kept and Lex is with the real Lois who is trying to see to his injuries. Asabi escapes and Superman, still weak, crawls over to Lex and demands that he lets Lois go.

Lex Luthor dead

Lex dead after his final battle with Superman.

Though on the verge of dying, Lex still refuses and holds tight on Lois' hand saying that they will all die together. Superman tells him that if he really loved Lois, he would let her live. At these words Lex lets go and gives Superman his final words: "And you said I couldn't love, how little you understood me. (Then he looked up at Lois) How little anyone ever did!" before finally succumbing to his injuries and dying. Superman manages to rescue both the real Lois and Martha from the lair before it collapsed while the dead bodies of Lex and the clone were left behind buried under chunks of rubble. This time Superman's greatest enemy stayed dead. (Seconds)


Even though after Season 1, Lex's appearances became more brief, he was mentioned a great deal throughout the rest of the seasons which revealed him as still a very important character. Many people have also attempted to avenge him by killing Superman themselves. His two illegitimate sons Jaxon and Lex Jr., tried to follow in their father's footsteps including the total annihilation of Superman.

Jaxon's scheme took place while Lex was still in prison. He entrapped Lois and Clark in a virtual reality world to steal information for Lex's mind control system before the two with the help of Jimmy Olsen tricked him into letting them out by stealing his wrist watch escape window, leaving him stranded. He crashed the system leaving his mind trapped inside his virtual world forever.

Lex Jr.'s scheme took place after Lex's death. He tried to rebuild his father's empire and hired a stand in named Leslie Luckabee to impersonate him. They get their hands on a recording left by Lex that reveals Superman's true identity, but Superman still succeeds in defeating him after Luckabee turns against him and is engulfed in an explosion that destroys his lair.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


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