Pheromone, My Lovely is the tenth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


You're scent-sational! A scheming chemist douses the Daily Planet staff with attraction-inducing perfume. The results: Jimmy pursues a model, Perry White falls for the cleaning woman, and Lois has the hots for Clark.

Plot Summary

Lex Luthor cuts the funding of Miranda's research, a chemist who is in love with him and they were ex-lovers. To prove to Lex that he was wrong and her research is valid, she uses her new perfume formula and sprays the staff of the Daily Planet that includes a chemical that removes all the sexual inhibition.

Everyone in the Daily Planet start acting weird and crazy in love but Clark is not affected by the chemical. With Lois hitting on him, Clark tries to find out what caused this madness. When the effect of the chemical wears off, Lois and Clark discover that the perfume Miranda sprayed them with contains specific pheromones which lead them to act the way they did.

Meanwhile, Miranda plans to spray the whole town with an advanced formula of the perfume that will cause permanent damage to people. Lex who believes Miranda will carry out her threat, asks Superman's help to stop her before it is too late. Superman manages to stop Miranda in time and pretends to be affected by the pheromones so Lois can kiss him, much to Lex's disgust.

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