Return of the Prankster is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


The Prankster and the President. Armed with a ray that temporarily freezes people, the Prankster breaks out of jail. His diabolical goal: kidnap the President and hold him for ransom.

Plot Summary

Kyle Griffin aka "The Prankster" and his cohort Victor, escape from prison using a new weapon he created that freezes people when a yellow beam of light is flashed into their eyes. They are aided by Mr. Griffin, the Prankster's father. Using it, Griffin harasses Lois and makes the Daily Planet a laughing stock while at the same time he plans to kidnap the President of the United States who is visiting Metropolis and hold him for ransom.

Lois and Clark, with the help of Dr. Hamilton, they find a way to resist to Griffin's weapon by wearing special contact lenses.

Griffin, thinking that his plans for kidnapping the President are going exactly as he planned, opens the door to the President's limousine, only to find Superman inside! Griffin realizes too late the Secret Service was ready for him, and that his freeze ray does not work on Lois nor Superman, who destroys the ray and has Victor and Kyle remanded to the Secret Service. Mr. Griffin escapes in the mayhem, but a clue discovered by Jimmy Olsen means he will soon be found. In the end, Lois gets a plum assignment: an interview with the President, and elects to use a question she once thought of in high school.

Guest Cast

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  • Allen Lulu as Mike Carney
  • Barry Ashley as Vendor