Sex, Lies and Videotape is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Photo finish? A cuddly shot of Superman with a married woman (Lois!) destroys the Man of Steel's wholesome image.

Plot Summary

Tabloid publisher Randy Goode is very jealous of Superman's popularity especially when he sees him making a broadcast after winning the International Peace Prize. He wants to destroy Superman's image so he will be the next one to win the "Man of the Year" award (that Superman had apparently "stolen" from him the year before).

He sends one of his undercover photographers Samantha to see what information she can find out. Samantha follows Lois to a grand hotel and unaware that she is spying on them, Clark in his disguise of Superman flies up to the hotel room where they are staying. Samantha climbs up to the window and see the couple being intimate on the bed.

She photographs the couple and the next morning phones Mr. Goode saying she has what they want. However a passer by knocks Samantha's camera to the ground destroying the film, so she quickly goes to Hank's photo lab to create a fake photo.

In a few days the whole story is everywhere saying that Lois cheated on Clark with Superman in three magazines, on the news and the internet. Many people are furious after hearing about it and lose their respect for the Man of Steel and despise Lois, while Mr. Goode is delighted.

The peace talks that Superman was mediating are called off by this scandal because people no longer trust Superman and war begins to break out, Clark decided the only thing to do is to tell the truth: that Superman can't have an affair with Clark Kent's wife, because Superman is Clark Kent.

Both Clark's parents and Lois remind him of the consequences of these actions which leads his wife into finding out who is behind all this before he gives a press conference.

With Jimmy's help, Lois finds to her surprise and relief that the photo is a fake and while Jimmy is downloading it as evidence, Lois is kidnapped by Mr. Goode and tied to a bed rigged with explosives. He plans to discredit Superman even more by luring him to Lois so he can blow up the conference room where the leaders are meeting. However Superman thwarts Mr. Goode's plan and he and Samantha are arrested.

With Jimmy arriving with the evidence, Superman truthfully tells the press that the whole story was a scheme to discredit him and after this experience, Lois and Clark decide to be more careful.

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