Super Mann is the ninth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


A race against the Master Race. Superman battle revived World War II Nazis who seek world domination.

Plot Summary

Two years ago, three Nazi officers woke up from a long sleep and, after finding out that they lost the war fifty years ago, want to create a new Nazi country in the United States and then, dominate the whole world. To do that, they have to first eliminate Superman so he will not be able to stop them.

They go undercover as Steve Law: a Football quarterback for the Metropolis Tigers, Hank West: a Country Western singer and Lisa Rockford: a Fashion model.

In the present day, Lois and Clark try to organize their wedding but their plans are put on hold to investigate this Nazi organisation.

Lisa tries to kill Lois and Clark after finding out that they were onto them, but after failing, she committed suicide. Hank has a change of heart and decides that they should give up but Steve shoots him dead, vowing never to break up their organisation.

He and the other Nazis send Superman to a trap where a nuclear bomb explodes making it impossible for anyone to get near him without dying.

Steve then makes a news broadcast asking the people of Metropolis to accept their organisation called the NSBA (National Society for a Better America) and if they refuse, he would detonate three bombs in their city, Washington and Los Angeles.

Meanwhile the Daily Planet is invaded by more Nazis, including Skip Wallace who had worked there as an undercover agent for the organisation.

Superman is locked in a special shield room but with Lois' help, they find a way to remove the nuclear energy from his body by allowing the sun to drain it.

Superman returned and stopped Steve and the other Nazis from arming the bombs and then went to capture Skip and others who were fleeing after finding out that Superman was back. With the Nazis arrested, Metropolis is safe once again. However, Perry is heartbroken when he learns that his old friend Senator Truman Black was one of the Nazis leading the plans for the NSBA.

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