The House of Luthor is the twenty-first and final episode of first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was also the second part of a two-part story to end the season.


While Lois plans for the Big Day. Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack use their investigative skills to find out what really caused the explosion at the Daily Planet.

Plot Summary

Lois is preparing for her wedding to Lex while Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack (who broke out of prison) try to discover who was really behind the bombing of the Daily Planet.

All their clues lead them to Lex but they do not have any solid proof about it, so they try to find everything they need to legally accuse him. Eventually after much investigating, they find enough evidence to put Lex behind bars and Jack is cleared of the charges.

Meanwhile, Lex traps Superman in a cage with bars made from Kryptonite while his wedding with Lois is about to start. Lois decides at the last minute that she cannot marry Lex while Perry, Jimmy and Jack arrives with the police to stop the wedding and Lex to be arrested along with Mrs Cox who was already arrested earlier. Lex runs away but having no way to escape, he prefers to jump off of his Lex Corp building than going to jail, committing suicide.

Superman, who managed to escape the cage, sees Lex falling through the air, but he is still weakened by the over exposure to the Kryptonite and cannot save him.

Franklin Stern decides to rethink Perry's proposal to buy Daily Planet and rebuild it putting everything back on track. Lois is determined to confess her love to Clark but Clark talks first telling her that he was lying when he told her that he loves her more than just a friend and he only did it to stop her from marrying Lex.

When Clark leaves, Lois says to herself that everything is back to normal, then she looks up into the sky to see Superman flying away and then says "I'm not done with you either big fella."

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