The Phoenix is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

This episode was also the final part of a three-part story of the revival of Lex Luthor.


With a little help from his friends, Lex Luthor returns from the dead. But he wants more than life, much more, wealth, power and former bride-to-be Lois Lane.

Plot Summary

Clark finally finds the courage to ask Lois out on a date which she accepts after thinking about it for a while. But their plans are ruined when Dr. Gretchen Kelly succeeds in bringing Lex Luthor back from the dead.

As a temporary side effect, Lex loses his hair and is determined to get his fortune back, reclaim Lois Lane and kill Superman. He works with Gretchen and his old personal assistant Nigel to achieve these goals.

When he learns that Rollie Vale (who is in prison following the events of the episode Metallo) has Kryptonite in his possession, he visits him in prison and makes a deal with him; his freedom and money in exchange for the Kryptonite.

Lex manages to break Vale out and he also kidnaps Lois to force her to come back to him. Back at Lex's hideout, Lex gives the Kryptonite to Nigel to keep it safe, but Nigel betrays Lex by stealing it, shooting a bolt at him and killing Rollie before escaping. Gretchen is accidentally killed too during a scuffle and an argument with Lex after she pushes Lois into a rat pit.

Superman arrives to save Lois and when Lex realises that he will be led to jail, he tries to kill himself like he did the last time. This time though, Superman stops him and he ends up behind the bars while Lois and Clark try to reschedule their first date.

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