The Rival is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

In this episode some of Lois' past is mentioned for the first time.


Suddenly the Metropolis Star is scooping the Daily Planet and Star reporter Linda King is scooping her old rival in love and work, Lois Lane. While Lois has an emotional breakdown, Clark investigates how the Star always gets the story first.

Plot Summary

An old rival of Lois, Linda King, gets in town to work for the Metropolis Star and Preston Carpenter. However she seems to be getting all the scoops giving her newspaper the exclusive titles.

Lois is furious with Linda due to their history and her getting the scoops and hitting on Clark does not help the situation. This gets worse when Clark leaves the Daily Planet to partnered with Linda and work for the Star.

The truth though is that Linda being at the right place the right moment to get all the scoops made Clark suspicious and after talking to Perry they decided for him to work undercover at the Star.

Lois finds out and now she works with Clark discovering that the accidents are not accidents and Preston is staging them so his newspaper has all the exclusives. They talk to Linda who helps them find proof of what they claim and with Superman's help, Preston gets arrested.

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