Virtually Destroyed is the tenth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

This particular episode was co-written by Dean Cain himself.


Strength doesn't cut it when you need I.T. skills. Superman requires Jimmy's help to foil a computer genius.

Plot Summary

Jaxon Xavier, a computer geek billionaire, invites Lois and Clark to experience and review his new virtual reality program but his real motives show when he traps the two of them inside the program. Jaxon is obsessed with Lois and Lex Luthor and wants to extract some information from her to get into Luthor's computer brainwashing programme.

Lois and Clark realise that they are trapped in the program when they notice that Clark does not have his superpowers. Clark manages to escape and he returns, as Superman, with the help of Jimmy to save Lois. In the process it is revealed that Jaxon is Luthor's illegitimate son and the three of them use that information against him to escape to reality.

Jaxon's real purpose was to kill Superman, take over the world and make his father proud, but after Superman, Lois and Jimmy escape by stealing his wristwatch escape window, Jaxon in a tearful rage, crashes the system trapping his mind inside his virtual world forever.

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