(Laughing evilly) "Merry Christmas Metropolis!" (Laughs again)
—Winslow Schott

Winslow Schott (aka The Toyman) is a villain in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Once a brilliant toy maker who loved to make children happy, he turned to crime after the children hated his toys and the firm he worked for, fired him. Like the Grinch, he decided to ruin Christmas for everyone, but he later found out that people, especially children are caring after all.

He was portrayed by the late Sherman Hemsley.


Mr. Schott was a friendly caring man at heart, but being criticized by the kids he had made toys for and losing the job he loved unhinged him a bit, giving the impression that people were greedy, selfish and didn't care, making him go to great lengths to punish them. However he changed his mind after saving a child from being hurt and she thanked him for the toy he had made. He then was overcome by shame for his crimes and helped Superman put right the trouble he had caused, therefore becoming a completely changed man.